About Me

I did a one-month full-time internship with the organisation. During my time there I was initially handed the job for editing articles. After some days, looking at my performance I was asked to cover some of the happenings around the city such as 'Lucknow University student's reaction on CAA.' At that time, I was doing both reporting in the mornings hours and editing during the late period of office hours. As a junior editor, my goals were to- check for grammatical mistakes, fact correction, check for errors, cut out unnecessary parts, spelling correction, check and provide a good descriptive lead (with 5W and 1H), arrange the news according to the time of occurrence and importance, suggesting a good headline, check whether the report is unbiased, check if the format or structure is correct etc. During my reporting job, my sole goal was to collect as much information as possible and write them in a structured and unbiased manner before submitting to a sub-editor. 5 of my articles were also published on their Lucknow Edition during my time there.